Monday, November 14, 2011

What washes up

the hungry beasts.

the profoundly creepy.

a dismantled summer.

the way back.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

On superstructures

the Manhattan Bridge

Henry Hudson Bridge

in the Bronx

in Chelsea

Harper's Ferry, WV

the Manhattan Bridge

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brooklyn waning

what recession?  pull yourselves together!

The room is rented but I'm holding on to the city.  For the next couple months I'll be camping out in friends' living rooms on weekends to work and play.

Afghani food with Whitney (PUMPKIN fried wonder)

visiting the Highline with mom

I forgot to take pictures of my black and white cookies for Pete's gallery opening so, foodless post.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

In which we discover my passion for spongy things

And in fact I am updating on a Sunday.  I'm awake because I'm showing my room to potential sublet'ers, actively trying to become homeless in expectation of moving back to Rochester in January.

Some of these were taken at home, in mom's full-fledged kitchen.  "A person could learn to cook here!" I exclaimed but she quickly gutted my enthusiasm by pointing out the electric range. 

le macro

ma getting her chop on

Vegetable curry pocket.  The oh-so-flaky store-bought pastry dough is somehow the star here.

A stuffed eggplant dish.  Definitely got the idea off the internet.  Slice like making garlic bread (not all the way through) and weave onions and tomatoes and garlic between.  Add olive oil and you are all set for caramelization (this is the Before Picture when everything still has structural integrity).

naan! (too crispy) and home-made hummus! (a brilliant idea never buy in the store again.  Throw a can of chickpeas in the blender with some of its water and olive oil; lemon juice and tahini if you like.  Roasted pepper variation involves involve igniting red peppers, waving them at your roommates.)

Sesame hamburger buns!

I'm realizing this picture is only appetizing to hungry omnivores, and even they will get mad because it will make them more hungry.  But it's important to show the crumb in the hamburger buns: they were quite edible. 

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Archived food post!

mango salsa'ed quesadilla
.. great respect for the mango

eggplant parm

pre baguette (with sesame seeds!)

50% whole wheat pizza

I'm having trouble with spacing!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Broadwater LNG

They want to build this huge natural gas "re-gasification plant" in the middle of the Long Island Sound. On April 11th the NY Dept of State and Gov Spitzer decide whether they will allow it to go forward. If you agree that this is a terrible idea please tell the governor about it. Go to and select "Contact the governor" on the left.

I enjoy having one behemoth in my backyard, but two is pushing it. They have a sexy website but the pictures all happen to be of beach, not a sensual 1200 foot barge. The NYS Dept of Conservation strongly objects to the 1200 foot barge because it will demolish 274 million aquatic organisms annually and dump 4 million gallons of unspecified biocide into the Sound when they test to see if the barge is leaky. This crazy guy even camped on the Wading River beach for a month and got into an argument with my dad about what "energy" really means. And if they don't build it I'll invite you to my parents' house and we can go down to the cliff and look at Connecticut without getting distracted by a 1200 foot barge.

You can forward this to everyone you know (especially people who live in the tri-state area, profs, teachers, and others who wield power) and blame me for creating a wave of spam.

I trust you're in good health and fine spirits and if you want to tell me about it I'm still at the same number and if you're in the greater DC area come see me. Much love

Mark Ahrens
Used with permission

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Delft vase I picked up at 170 Prinsengracht (for mom ... as the woman who sold it to me said,
Young people are not interested in flowers.)
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