Monday, February 18, 2008

Broadwater LNG

They want to build this huge natural gas "re-gasification plant" in the middle of the Long Island Sound. On April 11th the NY Dept of State and Gov Spitzer decide whether they will allow it to go forward. If you agree that this is a terrible idea please tell the governor about it. Go to and select "Contact the governor" on the left.

I enjoy having one behemoth in my backyard, but two is pushing it. They have a sexy website but the pictures all happen to be of beach, not a sensual 1200 foot barge. The NYS Dept of Conservation strongly objects to the 1200 foot barge because it will demolish 274 million aquatic organisms annually and dump 4 million gallons of unspecified biocide into the Sound when they test to see if the barge is leaky. This crazy guy even camped on the Wading River beach for a month and got into an argument with my dad about what "energy" really means. And if they don't build it I'll invite you to my parents' house and we can go down to the cliff and look at Connecticut without getting distracted by a 1200 foot barge.

You can forward this to everyone you know (especially people who live in the tri-state area, profs, teachers, and others who wield power) and blame me for creating a wave of spam.

I trust you're in good health and fine spirits and if you want to tell me about it I'm still at the same number and if you're in the greater DC area come see me. Much love


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